Bye bye London: about leaving the British capital for good

Is it really possible to want to leave London, one of the greatest cities on earth?

Charing Cross

YES … some time ago, after four years of living in London, I had an epiphany. I got to the point at which I was exhausted by this city. Time flew by too quickly and I spent too much of that time, feeling insecure and stressed out. I was ready to move to any other place on earth.

… and NO. I loved London. I loved its marvellous landmarks and the beautiful royal parks. I loved the city of contradictions: the stunning & the ugly, the glamorous & the shabby, the famous & the alternative, the posh & the bohemian.

But eventually it was a YES. The view of Tower Bridge, much as I loved it, wasn’t enough to keep me in London.

All the same, I felt a need to find a way of channeling my love for my favourite city. I started running a blog and a community page about London. This helped me rediscover my creative side.

Four years of office jobs in London seemed to have muted my creativity. My new online projects gave me the freedom of creation I hadn’t experienced in the corporate world. I loved the fact that I was able to manage my page the way I wanted.


I was happy to have a break from office politics and corporate rules

A few months before I left the British capital, I began to run around London with my phone camera, trying to capture the city from a vagabond perspective. I got into the state of flow. Every weekend, come rain or shine, I went to different parts of London to take tens of shots.

Taking pics and running my page was time-consuming and some of my friends were wondering why I’d spend so much time on that … just for the sake of it.

My intention was not to earn money. I just felt blissfully pleased to produce content about the city I loved and decided to leave very soon.

The number of my fans was slowly, yet steadily, rising. I started to receive nice messages, some of which were very sentimental. I was happy about my little contribution: a few people were actually moved by my London posts, saying I was showing them a city that they loved and missed.

I felt wonderful, being able to trigger such positive emotions.

Bye bye London

Eventually I left London. But I knew I’d be back, even if for a short while. My London story was by no means over. Probably this is why my heart didn’t explode, as I thought it would, on the departure day.

As I took a National Express shuttle from Stratford to Stansted Airport, it felt a bit weird that this time it was a one-way journey. At the airport I was reminiscing all my flights, trips, getaways, sleepless airport nights and pre-flight beers at Weatherspoons.

However, even after I left, I was still running my London page. Before my departure, I spent one month taking pictures in all parts of London.

I knew I would be away for a while so I took around one thousand photos to have blog material for at least one year.

When I was back in Poland, I kept posting them daily and some of my friends were confused about my whereabouts. In fact, for a very long time my body was in Poland, but my heart was still in London.

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