Compassion : a modern love poem

Karolina Kulach
1 min readFeb 23, 2022
Photo credit: Karolina Kulach

After almost 10 days after Valentine’s Day, here’s a modern love poem.

Compassion. Love. This is it.

Let’s rhyme!


When I try to understand you, I get to better understand myself.
I can see what blocks me, what stops me, what creates my hell.

I can see what puts me in my own prison, this is not your fault,
I see you’re a different me and you show me what I do by default.

This is my projection: if I choose to blame you, this is my blame.
Your joy is my joy, your anger is my anger, your pain is my pain.

I see myself in you, in your eyes I see my own eyes,
You’re a different me. Seeing the truth, my heart cries.

We’re all interconnected. We’re not separate, isolated entities.
We can see what we truly are if we go beyond our fixed identities.

Trying to put myself in your shoes is not a waste of time,
It’s the end of all problems, everything is good, everything is fine.



Karolina Kulach

Non-fiction writer & content marketing consultant. Author of “The power of displacement”. Keen reality and people observer. Loves writing catchy, rhyming poems.