Coronavirus: cure for humanity?

Karolina Kulach
2 min readMar 26, 2020
Photo Credit: Karolina Kulach

Coronavirus & going back to ‘normal’

I sincerely hope we won’t go back to ‘normal’. What is today considered ‘normal’ is what has brought us here (the NOVEL combination of pandemia AND infodemia, two dangerous viruses attacking us SIMULTANEOUSLY).

The inevitable is happening. Making insane choices like producing tons of unnecessary waste, mistreating animals, destroying ecosystems/wildlife and forests as well as promoting consumerism and an “insta-life” have all contributed to Nature’s intervention.

It’s also proven that our civilisation cannot win. Nature is a powerful force. I’ve seen the evidence of it in many places in the world, e.g. the Ocean in Eastern Australia (luckily I managed to escape), in the mountains or in the local forest. In fact, as a nature lover, I observe it every day. What has been achieved can be wiped off this world in no time.

The pictures presenting how plants and animals are currently coming back to life (canals in Venice and more) show that many living organisms don’t really need us to survive (but we need them). In fact they’re even better off in a cleaner environment that they’re 100% entitled to. By taking their rightful resources away from them and believing Nature (or sth much stronger than our civilisation) won’t raise its voice is FALSE ECONOMY.

A lesson from nature

Nature is very patient. It will give us many chances. Until it has no other choice but to send us back to our rooms so w can reflect back on our behaviour

This moment has arrived. This is a wake-up call and it comes just in time.

This is just the beginning. Many scientists agree that pandemics like this will be part of our reality if we do go back to ‘normal’. But we really don’t have to.

Photo credit: Karolina Kulach



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