Decisions & problems: rhymed poems to help you relax in 2022

Chicks (photo credit: Karolina Kulach)

Decisions and problems… This post will give you no solutions, no action steps, nothing. But it will give you two poems about decisions and problems. The top image of chicks is random. Happy New Year, may you make good decisions and solve your problem!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

It’s a disaster, I don’t know what to do,
I have no idea, I have not a single clue.

Should I ask a friend, maybe get a crystal ball,
No, I don’t know so I won’t do anything at all.

Or maybe just one thing: I will relax and take a deep breath.
Well, why should I bother, I’m not expecting imminent death.

I’m letting this go, nothing better comes to my mind,
So I will take it easy and leave this mental chatter behind.

I’m putting my pros and cons list back on the shelf,
My brain is tired so I’ll let this decision make itself.

There are no bad decisions and no perfect choices,
I know it will all be fine: my heart now rejoices.

Problems, problems, problems

I have so many problems, more than yourself,
I have so much to deal with, this feels like hell.

I have so much on my plate, much more than him,
My glass is full of problems, up to the brim.

I have so much to sort out, much more than her,
How can I feel peaceful? How, when and where?

I will always have many issues, much more than them,
Each and every problem is my precious gem.

The truth is I have only one problem, there’s nothing more,
Believing that my life is a problem, which I simply adore.

Realizing that I have no problems would shake me to the core,
I couldn’t stand the thought that I don’t have problems anymore.



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Karolina Kulach

Non-fiction writer & content manager. Author of “The power of displacement”. Keen reality and people observer. Loves writing catchy, rhyming poems.