Summer, freedom & love

Karolina Kulach
2 min readJul 18, 2022

Wild, wild test

Photo credit: Karolina Kulach

The summer is here (and NOW). In this hot and wild time, temptations are lurking around every corner.

Thus, you better choose wisely: choose freedom, choose love.

As usual, the picture of the donkey is totally random, let’s rhyme!


Freedom is not my luxury, freedom is not my whim,
Freedom is my natural state of being, it’s my own skin.
I’m not a slave in this world: I fooled myself for too long,
Now one thing is obvious: freedom is where I belong.

I thought it was fine to be at war with myself,
I did as I was told, soon I found myself in hell.
I didn’t see how much it cost me: it wasn’t free at all,
The price was too high, I thought I was going to fall.

Freedom is my birthright, every minute of my day,
This is non-negotiable, freedom is the only way.
Your freedom is my freedom, I see myself in you,
My freedom is your freedom, it’s always been true!


Love used to be hidden under millions of my thoughts:
Since I put them aside, I haven’t suffered any loss.
Everything around me feels so calm and peaceful,
I’m feeling safe, protected, joyful and blissful.

I said goodbye to my misconceptions and illusions,
What I thought was real love gave me lots of confusion.
Whether I am with people or I am on my own,
I can feel unlimited love in every single bone.

Love is all around me, I can feel it everywhere,
Love is the sky, flowers, animals and my old chair.
Love is all there is and love is all you need,
Whoever doubted that, eventually agreed.

Photo credit: Karolina Kulach

May freedom and love be with all of you!



Karolina Kulach

Non-fiction writer & content marketing consultant. Author of “The power of displacement”. Keen reality and people observer. Loves writing catchy, rhyming poems.