Why Should You Disappear From The Text As A Writer (Content Creator)?

Karolina Kulach
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Disappear from the text as a writer (content creator). That’s right.

Why is it important? Because you care about your reader. Your biggest goal is to be of service (i.e. useful) and do it in a simple way.

Writers: the desire for recognition and SEO success

Most (content) writers want to be:

  • Read
  • Found on Google (on the 1st page of search results, natürlich)
  • Recognized for their work
  • Admired
  • Quoted

Well, probably not every writer has such dreams. But many do. I’ve observed the desire for recognition (and/or driving massive traffic) among many fellow writers, budding writers, and writers-to-be. I’m also speaking from my own experience.

There’s usually a time in our lives when we want to “show what we know” and provide evidence for our (writing) skills and/or our expertise. Often these are ego-driven motivations.

Interestingly, most of our readers will be hardly interested in all the knowledge or linguistic skills that we possess.

So how to win (online) readers and drive traffic and conversions?

Disappear from the text as a writer. In other words: ALWAYS put the reader first.

Therefore, consciously choose:

  • A reader-first approach
  • Bringing value
  • Satisfying search engine algorithms (but only after doing your best to put the reader first and add value to your content)
  • Being practical rather than sophisticated
  • Simplicity in your writing style

Those rewarding moments in the life of a content writer

I haven’t received any prizes or thank-you letters sent by post, but I’ve received numerous emails and messages from readers inspired by my texts.

I’ve also been “recognized” by those who managed to understand complex topics because I wrote about them in a simple way.

Knowing that my texts provide value and inspiration, even if for a few people, is the most rewarding experience for me.

Today, showcasing my “writing talent” (and being recognized for it) is of little, if any, priority (but sure, it’s always nice!).

Oh well, life is simple.



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