Will AI Replace My Job? Stop Asking The Wrong Questions!

Karolina Kulach
2 min readFeb 28, 2023
Will AI Replace My Job? Stop Asking The Wrong Question (Photo taken in Melbourne, Australia)
Photo credit: Karolina Kulach

Will AI replace our jobs? We love asking this question.

But what is this question really about? Is it about losing our jobs?

How about the necessity to take more responsibility at work? How about the need to become more independent and resourceful?

Here’s what our AI-related fears might be really about. Here’s a slightly different outlook on the topic.

AI vs. humans & their jobs: ask different questions!

Thomas Edison made many unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. The Eureka moment was one of the many not-so-glorious moments that led to one of the biggest inventions in history.

Now, back to” will AI replace our jobs?”, I want to ask different questions.

  • Does it make sense for us to do jobs that machines can do? Will we want that in the future?
  • What is it really that scares us? Are we sure it’s about losing our jobs?

What if it’s about machines forcing us to put aside repetitive tasks and daily routines?

What if it’s about the end of work on autopilot? What if it’s about robots forcing us to awaken our creativity like never before?

What if we have no more excuses to pretend our creative potential is not there?

What if we have no excuses to avoid doing the very uncomfortable part of the journey?

AI vs. creativity & responsibility at work

About what I’ve just said… To some, it may sound like an obvious (and not very original) yay-yay motivational talk.

But it’s not about:

  • “Hurray, I will finally have time to be creative!”
  • “Yay, I’ll have fun in brainstorming sessions, every day 9–5!”
  • “I will now dream big and change the world!”

Nor is it about denying harsh realities of life or the uncertain future.

It’s about welcoming 🦄 unique OPPORTUNITIES 🦄 for professional and personal growth.

But above all, it’s about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, doing the “ugly part”, and making friends with the unknown.

True creativity is much more than great ideas. It also means:

  • Taking responsibility and following through with your plan
  • Hard work and converting ideas and thoughts into action
  • Whenever needed, being super down-to-earth
  • Measuring results and facing the consequences of your actions
  • Testing things and not seeing results for a very, very long time
  • Potential for success, but also numerous failures

Machines or not, your personal light bulb moment can come anytime.

Are you ready to take personal responsibility for doing the work that has to be done?



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